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Full Hypnosis Session ------------------------------ $98/60min 

Hypnosis treatment tailored for client to best address the specific issue of focus.

3 Session Block for -------------------------------------------- $250

Past Life Regression ------------------------------------------- $150

Regression to past life experiences to gain understanding with issues in the current lifetime. Typical sessions last between  2 - 2.5  hours


$45/60min for Individual session 
$20  added to other treatments 


Our Pricing

Soulshine of Tucson, LLC is a BBB Accredited Massage Therapist in Tucson, AZ
Therapeutic Massage ----------- $65/60min  -   $75/90min
A massage that can incorporate the relaxation of Swedish Massage, the Trigger Point work of Deep Tissue, and even the stretching of a Sports Massage. Each massage is as unique as the clients needs and preferences.
Prenatal Massage ----------------- $65/60min  -  $75/90min
Hot Stone Massage --------------- $65
/60min  -  $75/90min