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The National Guild of Hypnotists, a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the State of New Hampshire. Officially founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1950 the Guild is a professional organization composed of dedicated individuals committed to advancing the field of hypnotism.

News Articles

Science Daily- Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation Sees Strong Result
      (Oct. 24, 2007) — Hospitalized patients who smoke may be more likely to quit smoking through the use of hypnotherapy than patients using other smoking cessation methods.

ABC News Hypnosis Can Help Shed Weight Without Pill Popping 
     Weighing the Pros and Cons of Losing the Pounds with Hypnosis - Sept. 17, 2005

Psychology Today - The Power of Hypnosis 
     Looks at the therapeutic use of hypnosis. Effect of hypnosis on behavior; Discussion on the biological and environmental factors that predict how deeply a person goes into hypnotic trance. INSET: Hypnosis Heals.

Newsweek - Altered States 
     David Noonan on Health-Hypnosis can help with problems from anxiety to pain. How it works, and what it does in the brain.From the magazine issue dated Oct 4, 2004

The New York Times This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis 
     By SANDRA BLAKESLEE-Hypnosis is receiving some new respect from neuroscientists as brain scans show how a suggestion can change the mechanism of perception

ABC News - Hypnosis Reduces Breast Surgery Side Effects 
     (Aug. 28, 2007)-By SUSAN KANSAGRA, M.D. - Pain, Nausea and Other Side Effects Mitigated by Pre-Surgery Sessions, Study Shows


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