NGH Hypnosis Certification -  $1995

Class forming now   Sunday Nov. 3rd thru Saturday Nov. 9th

New class dates will be posted soon.

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What you will learn-

What is hypnosis
History of Hypnosis
Explain facts and disspell myths about hypnosis
Effective pre-talk (interviewing skills)
Client rapport building 
Suggestibility testing
How to conduct depth tests
How to classify clients
Functions of the conscious/subconscious mind
Ego strengthening (Enhancing Self Confidence & Self Esteem)
Influences and cautions
How to hypnotize & emerge a client
A three-step self hypnosis program
Developing rapport 
The benefits of hypnosis
Multiple powerful induction procedures
Mechanical aids - how to use them
Ideomotor response techniques - why you need them
Smoking cessation program
Weight control program
Stress reduction program
Multiple scripts and forms to start out with confidence
Easy-to-follow session structure 
Assessment and goal setting techniques
Hypnotic suggestion, reinforcement and encouragement
Guided imagery techniques
Goal Image Focusing Technique (GIFT)
How to teach a 6 hour self-hypnosis course
Regression techniques
Progressive and rapid induction techniques
Fear/anxiety reduction techniques
Performance enhancement techniques
How to launch a successful practice
Effective marketing and business strategies
Supervised classroom practice
NGH ethics and standards

What You'll Receive: 

NGH training manual volumes 1 & 2
​Hypnotic Recollections (book)
DVDs, CDs, Several books in the form of PDF files
Business start-up portfolio
Pendulum for suggestibility testing
A multitude of scripts and techniques 
12 months membership in the NGH
THE JOURNAL OF HYPNOTISM (quarterly subscription)
HYPNO-GRAM (bi-monthly subscription)
NGH member materials, benefits and resources
Dynamic classroom lectures, Q&A, demonstrations
Supervised hands-on practice
11" x 14" NGH certificate  

This innovative program is designed to give the participants a working understanding of hypnotism. The course is practical and down-to-earth, concentrating heavily on the how-to-do-it aspects. Students are not just taught about hypnosis they learn how to hypnotize with proven hypnosis instruction to start a new career

By means of supervised practice sessions, you will be trained to actually produce the hypnotic state and the use it skillfully and effectively. Well throughout, tested-and-true, this course will help you to master your hypnotism skills and increase your results.

Upon completion of all class hours plus hands on practice and independent study, students will be eligible for examination leading to graduation as a Certified Hypnotist. The internationally recognized core-curriculum is reviewed, annotated and upgraded annually by our NGH adjunct faculty and is further enhanced by the personal experience of your instructor.