Soulshine of Tucson offers a safe environment which promotes wellness in body, mind and spirit. We treat each individual with kindness, compassion, and respect. We work hard to understand each person’s unique perspective and preference in helping them develop their own pursuit of healthier choices while balancing personal, family and life commitments to better interact with their own existing environment. We help integrate beneficial wellness behavior into their culture and lifestyle.

Soulshine of Tucson is committed to offering the highest quality massage treatments, personal growth practices, and wellness instruction to all of our clients. We pledge to align time, energy, and resources to assist each individual in achieving their health goals. Soulshine of Tucson views the responsibility for attaining each person’s health goals as a true partnership between themselves and their practitioner.  Choosing a Consulting Hypnotist, Body Worker or Massage Therapist is an intensely personal decision; we take our role in this relationship seriously. In gratitude for your decision, we at Soulshine of Tucson give our best to ensure that this choice is always valued.

A healthy maintenance system must not only address the physical aspects such as those that massage can address but requires eating and exercise patterns that are often hindered by behavior. Hypnosis assists the client in changing unwanted behavioral patterns that can keep one from reaching their wellness goals.