What to expect from a typical session

Sessions start with a pre-talk, which explains the process in detail. Then a discussion so we can better understand the issue or inquiry you wish resolved. By better understanding your needs and or interests, we will know what questions to ask during the session. During this time, we will also do simple relaxation exercises and we will begin the induction process.

The next part of the session is the visiting of past lives. During a session you will be taken back to at least one life or more, depending on how much time is needed to retrieve all pertinent information from the first life. We will speak directly to the subconscious. Asking non leading questions to help gain the desired knowledge so issues can be resolved and healing can begin.

After you are emerged from the hypnotic state, we will have a session recap and discussion. We will discuss your immediate impressions of the session. You will be asked to recount what you remember, including any emotional, visual, auditory or perceptual memories. We will also go over your original goals for the session and discuss if and how your questions were answered and how your issues were resolved. 

Reasons people come for Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Some come for fun

Some to gain enlightenment or help with a particular issue
Shared past lives with someone?

Why you get along or don’t

(what was the relationship and how it compares to current life).
How many lifetimes lived?
Talents or skills of a past life. Possible carry over to current lifetime.
Did a current fear come from a past life??
Lessons from past lives that can help in current life.
Any unfinished business that needs completion.
Purpose of current life.
How similar or different lifetimes were.
Medical connections.
Was I famous or Important?
Do I have karmic debt?
Karmic heritage? Why certain things come easy.
Explain unexplained connections.

[sessions are recordable and a recording will be downloadable through Dropbox]

Past Life Regression is a form of therapy using a method, in this case hypnosis, to look into current issues whether physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. This form of therapy does not require you to have a personal belief in reincarnation or the soul’s living of many lives to have a helpful and often profound experience. Clients need only use their innate imagination to either visualize or simply perceive the experiences as if a lucid dream. What is important is that the life you revisit will create relevance and association to issues of concern in your current life due to the way the subconscious mind creates the lesson or message to answer your questions.